Will virtual reality take over the world?

More results from www, weforum, org. I believe that extended reality (XR), a term that encompasses virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), will be one of the most transformative technological trends in the next five years. TCL, which manufactures televisions, announced that it is also entering the world of virtual and augmented reality and unveiled its first smart glasses at CES. Large companies and sporting events are already investing in virtual and augmented reality in order to improve sports and events.

For example, in healthcare, it is being tested or implemented in virtual home therapy and surgery. At the organizational level, virtual reality technologies, such as training and health simulation systems and developer kits, come at a high price, even for many medium-sized organizations. To successfully overcome the challenges involved in creating augmented and virtual reality technologies, while keeping up with market expectations and time to market, companies may consider partnering with experienced vendors who can provide comprehensive development of products with engineering capabilities. As the name suggests, virtual reality was made with cardboard, it was launched as an experiment to allow people to experience virtual reality.

In addition, the launch of commercial virtual reality headsets is expected to accelerate market growth, and investments by tech giants such as “Google” are likely to create a breakthrough in the field of display technology. In addition, with virtual simulation, a person can now feel the real experience at a fraction of the cost. Meta's Oculus Quest 2 VR device was a hit during the holidays, and its recent success could bode well for the myriad of virtual reality and augmented reality devices that are coming to market. Cannon, best known for its photo and video cameras, also announced its virtual reality headset concept at CES.

Some museums and galleries offer virtual tours or immersive experiences to help understand the history and culture associated with each work.