Will virtual reality take over?

Despite advances over the past four years, virtual reality as a mass entertainment medium still seems to be a long way off. What does it take to change that? Virtual reality is currently approaching the pinnacle of global adoption. Viability has been increasing over the past decade and is finally reaching the point where highly practical and cost-effective applications are emerging. TCL, which manufactures televisions, announced that it is also entering the world of virtual and augmented reality and unveiled its first smart glasses at CES.

By leveraging external talent and virtual and augmented reality technology, companies can focus on their core strengths while delivering an immersive, out-of-this-world experience. The number of virtual reality and augmented reality products launched at CES this year indicates that the trend will continue. The biggest names in consumer electronics aren't the only ones getting involved with virtual and augmented reality products. Digital twins are exact digital copies of physical objects that factory workers can practice and test in a virtual world.

The companies also built virtual treatment rooms that offer physical and occupational therapy, as well as pain management and physical training. Cannon, best known for its photo and video cameras, also announced its virtual reality headset concept at CES. Although augmented reality technology is less mature than virtual reality due to the limitations of AR technology, lack of standardization, and a higher price, it is already being used in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics. To successfully overcome the challenges involved in creating augmented and virtual reality technologies, while keeping up with market expectations and time to market, companies may consider partnering with experienced vendors who can provide development comprehensive product with engineering capabilities.

From healthcare to technology to education, virtual reality will have a lasting impact on the way life is done.