What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial and fully immersive experience that hides the natural world. Augmented reality (AR) enhances users' real-world views with digital overlays that incorporate artificial objects. From trainee fighter pilots to surgeons practicing medical applications, virtual reality allows us to take virtual risks to gain real-world experience. It can be used for entertainment, such as playing virtual reality games, for training, attending virtual company or hangout meetings and events, etc.

Adding support for non-headset users serves virtual worlds well by adding a user base on universally accessible devices and platforms. Despite being a technology that originated decades ago, many people are not yet familiar with the concept of Virtual Reality. Virtual reality (VR) technology is a growing force beyond entertainment and an important tool in education, science, commerce, manufacturing and more. I) Virtual reality headsets attempt to help the user enjoy an immersive 3D environment by placing a screen in front of the user's eyes to eliminate their connection to the real world.

Virtual reality hardware includes sensory accessories such as controllers, as well as headphones, hand trackers, treadmills and, for creators, 3D cameras. Within a few short years, Sutherland contributed the technological artifact most frequently identified with virtual reality, the head-mounted 3D computer screen. Sensory stimulation was a promising method for creating virtual environments prior to the use of computers. By wearing data gloves equipped with force feedback devices that provide the sensation of touch, the user can even pick up and manipulate the objects he sees in the virtual environment.

Finally, this VR tutorial looked at the components of a virtual reality system, including the headsets and all of their components, the GPU, and other auxiliary devices. Some museums and galleries offer virtual tours or immersive experiences to help understand the history and culture associated with each work.